Useful Articles

Useful Articles

Concern Over Major Credit Reporting Changes

Consumer groups are warning that Federal Government changes to credit history reporting rules will make it more difficult for low-income Australians to get loans…

Minor Defaults Now Recorded

Consumers groups are worried about the changes, and say the most concerning aspect is that late repayments of only a few days will be recorded in people’s credit histories…

Lack Of Public Awareness

Mr Waters says public awareness of the changes also remains limited. “We’re very disappointed, firstly, that the Government, when it made these changes, didn’t fund the public education campaign,” he said.
“I think a lot…

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Veda Applied Intelligence Articles

Veda is Australia’s No 1 credit reporting agency. They provide products to help you understand and manage your credit history…

Credit Smart

Since 1991, the Privacy Act has meant that Australia has a ‘negative credit reporting’ system. This means your credit report can contain ‘negative’ information about your credit history…